About Extension Education Department

                                             Agricultural Extension and Communication

  Area of Lab:-

 109.65 Sqm2

  Major Equipment:-

 LCD projector, Digital Camera, Handy cam, Over Head Projector, Opaque Projector, Public Address system, Television and Music system  

  Cost of Lab:-


  Utilization of Lab:-

 Study of Handling and use of audio-visual aids, communication skills and    personality development, preparation of extension literature,      Entrepreneurship development 


Extension – Meaning

            The  word  ‘extension’  is  derived  from  the  Latin  roots,  ‘ex’  –  meaning  ‘out’  and  ‘tensio’ meaning ‘stretching’. Stretching out is the meaning of extension.

            The term Extension originated in England in 1866 with a system of university extension which was first taken by Cambridge & Oxford Universities. The term ‘Extension Education’ was first used in 1983 by Cambridge University.

Extension Education is a defined as an educational process to provide knowledge to the rural people about the improves practices in a convincing manner & to help them to take decisions within their specific local condition.

Objectives of Agricultural Extension Education

Major Recruiters

K.K. Wagh College of Agriculture, Saraswati nagar, Panchavati, Nashik - 422 003.
Ph: (+91)(0253) 2303545, 2304901, 2555221
Email: principal-bscagri@kkwagh.edu.in