About Plant Pathology Department

                                                                                    Plant Pathology B 208 (I)

  Area of Lab:-

109.65 sq m2

  Major Equipment:

Laminar Air Flow, Biological Oxygen Demander, Autoclave, Hot air Oven, Student Microscopes, Binocular and Trinocular Microscopes, Sealing Machine.

  Cost of Lab


  Utilization of Lab:

Study of Microorganisms, Important Plant Disease and their control measures, Study of different Biofertilizers and their production, Isolation & Purification, Identification and production of biological agents, biopesticides.








Major Recruiters

K.K. Wagh College of Agriculture, Saraswati nagar, Panchavati, Nashik - 422 003.
Ph: (0253) 2555221, 2555224
Email: [email protected]