About Horticulture Department



                                                                 B 205 (I)& (II)

  Area of Lab:-

109.65 sq m2

  Major Equipment:

Shednet, Polyhouse, Garden tools, Seed sample, Tray dryer, Charts, Propagation media

Charts and tools, Seed Samples.

  Cost of Lab

23,65,348.06 Rs

  Utilization of Lab:

Study of Identification of Horticulture crops, Propagation methods, Production technology of Fruits, Vegetables ,Flowers, Plantation crops, Spices, Ornamental crops ,Medicinal crops and Landscaping ,Protected cultivation of Horticultural crops ,

Major Recruiters

K.K. Wagh College of Agriculture, Saraswati nagar, Panchavati, Nashik - 422 003.
Ph: (0253) 2555221, 2555224
Email: [email protected]